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Training Center Krav Maga 

Learn to defend yourself!


Modern and effective
safety training for all

Efficient and practice-oriented self-defense system

Quick and easy to learn

Develop a danger radar for conflict situations and be physically and mentally ready

Suitable for people of any age, gender and physical condition

Regular special training for authorities and security personnel

Regular specialized training for authorities and security personnel in the area of self-protection is indispensable in today's world.

Regular training is necessary to ensure that people behave correctly in critical or dangerous situations during operations and are therefore better able to deal with conflicts in accordance with the law and proportionality.


Possible training content:

  • Self-protection Self-defense in conjunction with Krav Maga

  • Arrest, seizure, overpowering and restraint

  • Restraint

  • Transportation course

  • People and vehicle control

  • MEB/stick course

  • Pepper spray course

  • Defense against knives

  • Defense against pistols/long guns

  • Weapon protection in action

  • Shooting course (offered separately if required)

  • Role play of real scenarios

  • Legal aspects of self-defense situations


Target group:

The regular training is specially designed for authorities and security personnel who want to deepen their knowledge and skills in terms of self-protection and safety. Training is carried out according to customer requirements.

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