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Privater Wachmann


You can rely on our decades of experience in the field of security - in line with our motto "Security is affordable - life is not".


Personal protection

Nowadays, it is not only politicians or managing directors of large commercial enterprises who need personal protection; a high standard of living, being a member of an ethnic or religious group or a certain popularity due to media events is enough to be targeted by criminal individuals and organizations.

It has been proven that there is a marked increase in brutality and violence among criminals.

We can offer the following measures to meet your needs:

  • Personal protection

  • VIP escort protection

  • Conference protection

  • Risk analysis

  • Protection concept

  • Protection of the residential area


Safety accompaniment

The transportation of valuables is a delicate matter.

To reduce the risk to an absolute minimum, we take on this work for you from planning to delivery.

Preparation of transportation, clarification of required insurance and administration

  • Planning and implementation

  • Absolute discretion and confidentiality

  • Armed and trained personnel

  • Armored vehicles


Property protection

Burglaries, robberies, disasters and fires usually occur at night, when nobody can see them.

We protect your home or business with state-of-the-art technology and regular on-site checks so that you can lock up your business in the evening or go on vacation with peace of mind.

  • Property surveillance

  • Access and entry control

  • Intervention service

  • Residence reconstruction

  • Installation and operation of security systems

  • Advice on new builds and conversions


Security service

Increased violence, vandalism and disturbances of the peace are part of everyday life in many places. We are tackling these problems. The presence of our law enforcement officers alone brings about significant improvements. Thanks to their professional conduct, they are able to resolve conflicts in a reasonable manner.

  • Patrols

  • Security service

  • Building tours

The services mentioned above are our core competencies.

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