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Training and education


Self-protection and safety training is for people and institutions working in exposed workplaces:

  • Police

  • Security personnel

  • Rescue workers

  • Social education workers

  • People who work in the public sector

  • Drivers 

This course provides course participants with in-depth knowledge and practical applications of simple and effective self-protection.

The course participants learn how to behave correctly in critical situations and how to better deal with conflicts, threats and dangerous attacks by people, taking into account proportionality and legality.


Firearms training

Safe and stress-resistant handling of a weapon system is the basis for the fulfillment of an order, the enforcement of one's own intentions and the safety of oneself and all those involved.
We offer you sound shooting training that enables you to acquire a safe training basis. This will ultimately mean that there is no room for avoidable mistakes when applied.
The courses are aimed at interested private individuals, police and armed security services who would like to train and further educate themselves or simply acquire, deepen and consolidate their basic knowledge of handling a handgun.

The technical and tactical principles and content taught are based on personal experience, training courses attended and missions carried out as an instructor. In order to always offer you the best possible training, we also undergo continuous further training. The resulting knowledge flows into our training concepts and is integrated into the training courses.

The basic shooting course includes

Introduction / safety regulations

Basic knowledge of manipulation/technique

Shooting from various shooting positions

Drill of tactical defense shooting

Defensive shooting from close range

Basic shooting final test

The Advanced shooting course includes

Introduction Advanced and repetitions

Shooting with draw from holster



We offer pepper spray courses for private individuals and state institutions. In our course, you will learn the theoretical basics and how to use pepper spray safely and realistically as a means of self-defense against violent people and aggressive animals.

The course includes the following:

  • Correct handling of the pepper spray

  • Step and arm techniques with the training spray

  • Behavior and distances in stressful situations

  • Simulated threat and attack situations

  • Role plays (scenarios)

  • Behavior after the use of pepper spray

Learn the correct way to use pepper spray, which increases your personal safety and protects you from violence, crime and dangerous animals.


Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a modern and extremely effective self-defense system for private individuals, police and judicial authorities, rescue and care personnel as well as military and security services.
Krav Maga originates from Israel. The self-defense system was further developed in Europe by hand-to-hand combat specialists from police authorities to enable people to adapt quickly to critical situations and deal with aggression of any kind.
With Krav Maga training, even physically weaker and disadvantaged people have a realistic chance of defending themselves in conflict situations. Our training standards are based on the Self Protect Association Switzerland.



Monadnock Expandable Baton

In addition to the classic Tonfa or PR-24, the telescopic baton MEB Monadnock Expandable Baton has established itself in recent years with most police authorities and security services.

We offer you the officially certified MEB course. In the course, we teach you all the necessary basics for handling the telescopic baton. Participants are instructed in the special advantages of a telescopic baton. The aim of this training course is to enable you to see the telescopic baton as an effective operational tool and to use it safely within the framework of proportionality.

The theoretical and practical training covers the following topics:


Basic baton training course

  • Introduction to MEB theory

  • Basic knowledge of the telescopic baton

  • Trauma card

  • Stance

  • Movement

  • Handling & carrying methods

  • Block and striking techniques

  • Advanced baton course

Introduction Advanced and Repetition Basic

  • Fixation techniques

  • Transportation techniques

  • Advanced test with certificate

You will be admitted to the training under the following conditions.

  • The registration must be accompanied by an extract from the central criminal register.

  • Completed 18th year of age

  • No prior convictions for violent or capital crimes.

  • An extract from the criminal record must be enclosed with the registration. People from the following countries are not admitted: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Algeria and Albania (ban according to Art. 12 WV / Art. 7 WG).

  • Incorrect information regarding age or concealing relevant criminal records will result in exclusion from the course without refund of the course fees.



We offer you professional security training in the following areas:

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